Taking Action to End Child Poverty

Together with our friends at NSPCC Scotland, The Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection hosted a half day event to think about strategies for challenging poverty in Scotland.

One in four children in Scotland live in poverty. Austerity measures across the UK have put families under increasing strain, and has seen a sharp increase in rates of families living in poverty in Scotland. This event considered the challenges these families face, the impact of poverty, and some of the work that is being done to support children, families and practitioners in Scotland and the UK.  Academics, activists and professionals worked together to explore how we can take action to make poverty more visible in social policy and practice, and to support families experiencing  poverty in Scotland.

The day’s presentations can be found below:

Godfred Boahen: Situating poverty in social work practice

Sarah Campbell: The impact of poverty and what it means for practitioners

Jane Callaghan: Child Poverty and Holiday Deprivation

Will Mason, Stirling Understanding Child Welfare Inequalities

Rachel Thomson: Stigma and Poverty


You may also be interested in the Scottish findings for the Welfare Inequalities study, links to which are below:




Country report Scotland ANON FINAL

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